Art Resource Traditions: education and community development with indigenous arts

Support and Volunteers

Indirect Support
Both the Art Resource Community and the Latin American Art Resource Project are supported largely through William Swetcharnik’s income as an artist. One way that people can indirectly support these art resource efforts is through the purchase of Swetcharnik’s artwork (please see the William Swetcharnik Site).

Another way to support these efforts is through direct donations. However, it should be understood that tax-deductibility is only available if the donations are channeled through a collaborating non-profit institution. This is because the art resource program is not presently set up as a non-profit organization. When projects are conducted in affiliation with other non-profits, budgets can be independently administered and tax-deductibility can be conferred to contributors.

Volunteer Service
Another way to support our art resource work is as an intern or volunteer. As explained in the Service Learning section of the Information Forum, the Latin American Art Resource Project is the only program of which we know that offers internships in art resource development. Another unique characteristic is its association with an art studio, which allows interns to combine studio and development work. Academic credit is often available through collaborating colleges and universities. Intern fees help defray the operating costs of the art resource program, but in some cases we can largely waive those fees. There are no fees associated with volunteer work, which is less formally structured. For more information, please email .