William Swetcharnik


As artist, William Swetcharnik uses the vocabulary of old master paintings to summon up images from centuries of art history and weave them into a complex architectonic fabric. His work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums in Europe and the Americas. His professional distinctions include a Senior Fulbright Fellowship to Honduras, where he worked on a series of art and social projects.

As art resource consultant and cultural specialist, William Swetcharnik created a program called the Latin American Art Resource Project (LAARP) site0. This program helps artists, artisans, and art students in poor communities, and is oriented toward the use of inexpensive, indigenous materials. It has been expanded into the Art Resource Traditions Project (ARTs site), which has been designed to encourage and enable likeminded projects worldwide.

As a writer of essays in art criticism and other subjects, Swetcharnik is also writing a book about his experiences in Central America.