Art Resource Traditions: education and community development with indigenous arts


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Site Overview

Since 1994, we have been making the joys and benefits of artmaking accessible to the poorest people of Central America and the Caribbean, encouraging them to find value and relevance in their own resources and traditions. The idea for these projects arose when William Swetcharnik first taught a workshop at the Honduran National School of Art, where many of his students were too poor to buy paint.

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People have always created art with the earth’s resources. Mineral pigments adorn temples, manuscripts, and ceramics from ancient cultures all around the world. These traditions are rapidly disappearing as artists, artisans and educators look to the industrialized world for commercial products and cultural values. Our consulting projects help recover indigenous resources and practices and apply them to existing social needs. This site is designed to provide access to information and expertise, with the hope of encouraging many likeminded projects worldwide.

Throughout this site we present work by artisans and workshop students, mural projects, and scenes from workshops and travel. Click on the images to see expanded, and in some cases additional, images and descriptions.